Improve the productivity of your company with strategic training and consultancy of immediate application.

Achieve growth opportunities by training yourself in tools that allow you to face business risks and difficulties.

With advice and consultancies suitable for companies and entrepreneurs you will be able to:

  • Improve the productivity of your company or enterprise.
  • Discover and enhance the talent of human capital.
  • Prepare a professional action plan for the needs and objectives that the business requires.
  • Reports of financial statements and development of marketing strategies.
Capacitaciones corporativa

With corporate training you will get:

  • Knowledge that is of immediate application in your company or entrepreneurship.
  • Management of finances and adequate management of the financial resources of your company.
  • Knowledge to face business risks and difficulties.
  • Management capacity and marketing and sales strategy.

Business training and consulting for you and your work team



Learn how to manage money and make the right decisions
investment, production and profitability for the growth of your business


Soft skills

Train the way you relate and interact
with other people in the business world.



Obtain knowledge that will allow you to face business risks and difficulties in your challenge of forming new businesses.


marketing and sales

Learn and understand who your customer is, their behavior and purchase decisions. We will teach you everything about this science.

We are allies of the Wadhwani Foundation with certified professionals as facilitators in entrepreneurship

The Wadhwani Foundation is an independent, non-partisan, global non-profit organization with a mission to accelerate the economic development of emerging economies through the creation of high-value jobs

At Yachay F&B we have Wadhwani certification to teach entrepreneurship courses in the world.


“The alliance between Yachay Capacitaciones F&B and the Wadhwani Foundation means that we make world-class methodologies available to all entrepreneurs in Peru on how to start their venture and how to enhance their existing ventures. These methodologies will help them and democratize socio-emotional skills as well; teamwork, innovation, sustainability and critical thinking.

We are very happy at the Wadhwani Foundation to once again support our dear facilitators from Peru and also give access to our global community at the Latin American, African and Asian level. “

José Antonio Gonzales – Representative of the Wadhwani Foundation

We have an alliance with Actitud Feliz in transformational development processes for the personal and organizational improvement of collaborative multidisciplinary teams.


“Our alliance with Yachay Capacitaciones is an opportunity to synergize and join forces, for the benefit of the development of human potential, to create solutions that add value to people and organizations, from training and strengthening their skills and soft skills, that will prepare them to face challenges with a positive attitude, in an increasingly competitive and agile world.”

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Write us and let's schedule a meeting so you can get strategic training for immediate application

Write us and let's schedule a meeting so you can get strategic training for immediate application

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